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We've had some setbacks...

Well, not really. Developments, more like.

The forty-year old string on my bow started to fray to the point where I'm not comfortable using it anymore (can we say dueling-scar?). So I've ordered another one, but with the postal strike I may not see it for a while.

The course ends next week anyway, so I may play around with other bows for that final session. It looks like some people in the club may be willing to host an indoor range after work one day every other week, so at least I don't need to schlepp off to the outdoor range every time I want to practice, and that's good.

Then I did my usual wrist screw-up last night. It doesn't affect my draw, but it does mean I'm in a brace for the next few days, and slow to type. I think I'll concentrate on growing things and the essentials of paid and volunteer work and take it easy.

Last night's score was 161. I was doing fine, but the last two flights were disastrous. Still not sure why, but I tried Mediterranean grip without a glove (which was much more stable if also way more painful on the fingers) for a couple of flights at 18M, and got some meh-results. And more callusing.