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Stop, Children, What's That Sound

And the Grackles have grown even MORE territorial. There are constant fights out there now, and the squirrels avoid the area like a warzone.

They started taking to dive-bombing Dalen, who cares not a whit for their sound and fury, so I think they've now decided she's a mobile plant. I have to whip around a couple of times when I go out or I'll get them doing it to me, but they seem to think I'm not as much a threat anymore. Except when I trimmed back the honeysuckle (it was that or give up getting into the shed altogether). They did not like THAT at all.

No more clawing, though, which is good. Just a whip-by the neck which leaves a hair-on-end feeling.

But they've overplayed their hand. The robin family they tried to push out of the juniper bush in our front-yard have retaliated. An a robin has nearly an ounce on a grackle, and Mrs. Robin was quite pleased to show it.