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Soup of the Day 20110715 (with pix!)

The mustard pickles stopped fermenting, so that counts as finished to me. Not as sour as kraut or kimchi, with a bit of that mustard bite, but altogether a wholesome, semi-sour flavour. I suspect they won't keep well outside of the fridge, though, in this heat, so I'll move them there tomorrow.

So, we gave them a test run today: Sesame oil, green onion, watercress, kale, beef stock, five spices, bay leaf, patis, and to garnish: slices of beef, chopped cilantro, lemon juice, green onion, and, of course, the pickled mustard greens I put together last Saturday.

Here's how they look (sorry for the blur) in the foreground. Interestingly enough, the pickle water turned a bright purple, which stained the turnips. I think this is because of the mustard-green variety (red mizuma), which is an asian mustard green with strong purple tint to the upper side of its leaves.