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I Made a List of Things to Say

7770 words in 24 hours, nearly exactly. Started at 12:43 PM, ended at 12:02PM the next day, with all the little scenes I specced out all lined up.

Actually writing solidly for only six and a half of those hours, I think; not sure whether it's readable yet, but Chapter 13 is out the door for crit. And am I.

Managed to pack, and slept 5, and did a variety of pre-departue chores. Now in Toronto on an air mattress, getting ready to get back up in 6 hours to catch a plane. Tired.

Worried about Cara Sposa. She had a tumble off her bicycle today, just about the time I was getting on the train. Braked too hard at a four-way stop and fell, hurting both her knees (but not wrists, thank Jehosephat). Managed to go off, picnic with friend, get home and then go out again to pick up CSA, but I think she's going to really feel it tomorrow.

She's already heard the lecture about the helmet. Didn't need one from me. Being brave.

Enough. Good night.