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Pretty Soon You're Going to get Older

So, hours of standing around the kitchen this month (yes, harvest time came a month late), canning and pickling for winter, means plenty of foot pain. The main reason I don't ever want to do cuisine for a living (barring the ten years of dicing mirepois before the'll even let you touch a ladle) is that. And the fact that I'm flat-footed to begin with.

I've been asking around for ways around this. Thinking of floor mats next year. Something like those rubber mats they use in pro kitchens. "WorkStep" is a brand. Keeping it clean will be a problem, though, because I am clumsy and not inclined to roll up a heavy rubber mat and mop under it every day. Taking it outside and hosing it down won't work well in -20C, so I might go for something that doesn't have so many nooks and crannies to clean. They had something at the hair salon, a kind of padded curved mat that followed the shape of the chair. It was a smooth waterproof surface, easily mopped or swept over. Suggestions are welcome.

Moving up the leg, I've also been having trouble with my knees. The injured one is numb in places still, but it bends as well as the uninjured one these days. But since I do practically all my transport by bike, the Ski machine at the gym adds just that more knee strain, and I've been feeling it. So I've been testing a new machine they've just introduced. They call it a "wave" machine, but it's more like a speed-skating motion. I'm not happy that it doesn't do anything for the upper body, but it's a lot easier on the knees, and pretty challenging without being as dull as the stair-climber. So I'm giving that a go. It seems to burn fewer made-up-calories, but takes you on more made-up-miles. It has an annoying interface, though. And they've put it in a part of the gym where there's no air circulation, so I'm dripping all over the floor by the end of a half-hour.

And then there's the back, arm, and wrist pain. For that, and because I have an absolute mountain of time ahead of me this winter sitting in front of a computer, I've actually had to retire my ancient steel-and-wood Canadian-made drafting chair and get one of these damnable (but so much more comfortable) chairs from a store that's a box that sells things in boxes that came out of a box from a box-ship. I need to get a taller pneumatic cylinder for it, since I need a couple more inches of height; currently my arms are stretched out at a 90 degree angle from my body, as if I was at my knees on a normal desk. Or I could pull out a couple of books and lower my desktop a couple of inches. But otherwise, it's going to work for the collection of 12-hour days I see building up in my future.

Hmmm.... Looking up at this post, I realize I've made the first step towards becoming one of those annoying relatives I used to avoid.


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Sep. 21st, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
lol !
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