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Soup of the Day 20110928

So, I made this big batch of kimchi about ten days ago. The fine folks at Patchwork Gardens let me buy their entire crop of Napa cabbage (about 10 sad little things, much gnawed on; clearly a bad year for Napa cabbages), and I did the more-than-usual cleaning and removal of insect eggs and damage, then the salting and the mixing and putting away thereof. It was between making a huge (12-quart-bottle) canning batch of beef vegetable soup, and a huge batch of pickling (just 1/2 a bushel of pickles, this time, thank you).

Which may explain why I forgot about it totally. . . . .... ! run-look-exhale with relief. Inhale a little less happily. Notice a thin layer of fuzz. Scrape out the top quarter inch, pack down the rest, and wait another day.

Very funky indeed, but I think I'm really getting it now, with the addition of julienned carrot, clam juice, and the substitution of Nước chấm (thanks to aliettedb for making the distinction public on her LJ) for Thai fish sauce or Pinoy Patis. It has some of the subtleties that I've been trying for that I've never had in the store-bought kind, so I finally have an excuse outside of my little madness for making it in heaps every year.

Speaking of lactic fermented pickles, remember that batch of Mustard Pickles? It's kept really well in the fridge. I've been using a small amount here and there all summer, and it's held up really nicely.

So, today's soup was another extemporaneous generic-asian-noodle-soup. I made a big batch of spiced chicken stock from Saturday's dinner and used that with onions and big red sweet peppers, noodles, and kimchi, with fresh jalapeño pepper slices as garnish. Loverly.