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Something About Me Stood Apart

Ah! LJ is back. Missed it over the weekend of Russian Electuggery. Busy weekend. Dinner with my homie writing group on Sunday and the previous Saturday at the Artel with Liz Worth and Liisa Ladouceur, who kindly invited me as local rep and let me open with a poem of my own. I nervously blurted out "The Shriek Owl" to our very intimate audience and then sat back and enjoyed the real act.

I've read (via laying-out) Liz' poetry before, on ChiZine; One of which she performed that night, out of her collection Amphetamine Heart (Guernica Press). But the poem on the page/screen and the poem as performance art (accompanied by Theramin) was an entirely different beast. The opening was much more present as an art piece, while the conflict was more present in the written. Good stuff; a slice of a time and a place.

Liisa's book, Encyclopedia Gothica, also has that slice of time and place to it. I did not get as much of a chance to sample it, but her knowledge is well... ency... yes, you get the picture. I had to explain that when Goth was big over here, James Taylor was big over there, so I not so much had a pop-culture gap as a chasm. Still, there are enough Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Love and Rockets cassettes in the basement that I know a little of the music that was being piped in by DJ Gillespie. But not much... So all the better to have an Encyclopedia available to re-construct the Cathedral of Knowledge of the time from pre-cut stone.

The Artel is not the venue I was necessarily expecting. Took me very much back to University, where cooperative was the norm, and budgets were nil, and acceptance was broad, and rice was brown. When the proprietor stepped into the room, I asked him if he came often; he said that he lived there. I thought he meant "lived", as in "was there all the time". No. He lived there with five roommates!

So a big thanks out to Liz, Liisa, and Matt, and Bill for a night to remember!