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To Everything There Is a Season

So... Yesterday, massive hard disk failure on one mail server I administer, one of the ultrasecure ones. Today, completely fried motherboard on another server I administer, one with multigig masses of email. The first has never had an issue. The second has had issues, but has been more or less running without more than a half-day's downtime for nearly 12 years.

12 YEARS. Try to do that with Wintel on commodity hardware. Oh, yes, and REMOTELY, too. Without a physical backup. Ginger Rogers don't got nothin' on me.

I mean, what are the chances? It never rains but it pours.

And all this while trying to handle five bloody projects at once. So, after two weeks of 12-15 hour days and not much sleep, I'm going out with my local writing group. I hope someone remembered to bring wine.

Actually, I think this calls for breaking out some of the 2010 Dandelion wine. Let's see what's in the cellar.