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I'm a Photograph Taken from Where You Are

Waking up slowly this morning for a change, having completed the move to Drupal for Chizine as a test case (I see a couple of issues still to resolve. How about you?)

Talking with Cara Sposa before getting up to do the usuals. Some koan-gleanings to share: Love can never be proven, it has to be taken on faith, so one can live without God, but not without faith. Or is that the whole point of faith?

And: Why write? For me, it's something akin to dreaming. The bedrock of life is made of mysteries that can't be understood until they're fleshed out as stories. If it wasn't writing, it would be some other thing, but for me writing is the best way to make things real.

So there's my challenge to this "don't write what you know" meme that itself is a challenge to the "write what you know" advice. And it's this: You have to write what you know. You can't write it until you know it, and the making it known is the reason for writing.

Find it and make it real, eh, asakiyume?