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Sa Manlulupig, Di Ka Pasisiil

Having tosinos this morning for breakfast. Back in high school, tosinos were the bribe to get you to come into the mess hall for breakfast on Sunday (an optional thing). Presumably so that you'd go to chapel afterwards. I never did the latter in my four years at Brent School, but I did go in about 1/8 of the time for tosinos.

What are tosinos? Well, basically they're chunks of fatback pork, coloured bright red with achiote, sprinkled with sugar and saltpetre, and allowed to ferment overnight (when the average nightly temperature is 80°F, fermentation is a given).

I never thought I'd have tosinos out of the Philippines. But in today's global society, I can buy tosinos frozen in a packet, packed in Mississauga, and shipped to our local asian grocery. And they don't cost much at all.

It's weird, but the rarified multicultural air I grew up in is now becoming a standard. A commodity. And I like it.


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Feb. 11th, 2012 11:14 am (UTC)
multiculturalism for the win
****me too*********
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