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Mar. 18th, 2012 03:07 pm (UTC)
To be fair, Vuitton actually *has* been around since people travelled by train, and travel luggage is kind of what they do, so it makes sense.

I liked the commenter who hoped the bellboys were getting paid more than the models, since they were the ones showing off what people had really come to see (the bags).
Mar. 18th, 2012 03:36 pm (UTC)
True. And the turn-of-the-century cuts hang so badly on standard models, but the bell-boys exercised their mandate with aplomb.

The staging was rather brilliant, if gimmicky and excessive. Can we fit Steampunk, Rowling, and His Dark Materials into one show without blinking. Why, yes, we can.
Mar. 18th, 2012 04:45 pm (UTC)
Well, I'd say those were early-20th-c Paul-Poiret-inspired fashions; which didn't work on most of the women back then either, which is one of the reasons Coco Chanel eventually triumphed.
Mar. 18th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
Impressive eye and knowledge, indeed.

But what I do notice is how, when a trendy thing reaches it's perihelion and is now on the descent, it grabs hold of other descending trendy things to, presumably, drown with it.
Mar. 18th, 2012 10:34 pm (UTC)
Are you saying cachet handbags are dragging down steampunk in a doomed attempt to save themselves*, or vice versa?

Full disclosure - I didn't watch the entire video, so it's possible the locomotive exploded into a mass of cogs, or the models suddenly deployed personal zeppelins, but to me this still seems more like quasi-historicism than out and out steampunk.

Hm. Now I have just decided that "quasi-historicism" is a more useful term for many of the things called "steampunk," but I suspect it's too late to change everyone's terminology; although I have heard "gaslight fantasy" suggested as an alternate term.

*</small>"O no, Captain, we be headin' fer the Dreaded Sea o' Clinging Handbags! If enough of 'em latch on to her hull, we'll be right-enough sunk!"
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
Are you trying to talk me out of flippancy and into relevance?

No, it's not steampunk, but it's the simulacrum of steampunk. It's steampunk hammered extremely thin, then picked at, then left with the most shallow impression possible. Reduct the mandatory tacked-on gears to single buttons. Give the impression of quasi-historicism.

Perhaps it's more like small bits of something glomming together and sinking. Effluent.

Anything that has reached the stage that it is used by other failing, outworn brands, sigyls, and movements as mimicry-flavouring has reached its terminal slide.

Kamp! That's what it is. Steampunk has reached terminal fluff. Ouattage!

Edit: ah, yes, we can't embed on LJ anymore...

Edited at 2012-03-19 04:30 am (UTC)
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