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Soup of the Day 20120422

I actually made this yesterday, but I'm busy enough that I don't have time to do much cooking, so this is meals for three days.

It started with a lamb breast quartered. Which is to say "lamb ribs" but if anyone called them ribs, they'd just be asking for trouble. I can't take the credit for the saying, but the most accurate way of describing eating lamb ribs is "like gnawing on a corset made of rubber bands". The connective tissue is very springy, there's only a tiny amount of meat on them, and even that is too tough to chew.

So, I braized them on low heat for three and a half hours, which also gave me all the rendering fat I'll need for a years' worth of Yorkshire puddings. After cooling and sitting for hours, it's fairly easy to separate the inner and outer membrane from the ribs and pull out all the meat, which is probably the most flavourful part of a lamb, except maybe the neckbones.

So the rest of the soup was very simple. I had half a quarter bushel of shallots that had been overwintering in the basement. They were starting to sprout and attract fruit flies, so I chopped about three dozen, fried up half in olive oil with garlic, then added water, salt, and a dash of soy sauce and brought to a boil. Then I used a hand blender until smooth, added the other half of the shallots, the pulled lamb, two big handfuls of lentils and pot barley each, two bay leaves, ten cloves, some sliced pickled carrots, a can of chopped tomatoes, salt, and, later, cubed potato.

Excellent stuff. And we're still using produce from last fall, so the frugal part of me is happy.

In other news, I'm trying this out on an iPad to see if I really need a laptop anymore.