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All the White Horses Have Gone Ahead

Survey was wrong. It was apparently a chestnut-sided warbler, which means he should be getting more and more colourful as the summer drags in, and he's liable to stay. He's brought his girlfriend, which is why I know. She was leaping around the white rosebush, never putting a foot wrong despite the vicious thorns. Picking at the early aphids and drinking dew. We heard him singing in the background, which clinched the description.

And speaking of tiny little songbirds, put aside an hour or so and go read asakiyume's story, "Tilia Songbird" on Gigantosaurus. You won't regret it. And don't worry. It will be around ready for when you have a moment. It's brilliantly evocative, with an excellent conflict between different senses of honour and honouring, and a very real telling of the kind of choices that diplomats once needed to make far away with little guidance. There's truth there, and the pain that comes from healing.