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The Backbone of this Country's Broken

Ten years ago, we were packing up to move north. Now, to prove my Canadian credentials, I need to post proof that Canadians did it long before the Americans did. Whatever it was. Including being incredibly stupid, vitriolic, and hysterical. Look: It's 1962 all over again!

Frankly, I don't understand the debate. Bulk buying is always cheaper. Of course, to pay lip service to the free-market religion, Americans insist on privatizing what is essentially a health-care tax. More to avoid calling it a tax than to actually make things cheaper or more efficient. Because once you do that, you can kiss your political future goodbye.

Man, the American political system has more third-rails than boxcars. Touch any of them, and you might as well be a slit-nosed has-been. Or to put the puritan soul of the "Real America" of Sara Palin and her ilk into perspective:

We know the inclination of the Byzantine ethical ideal to be disappointed in all that is of this world, in happiness, in the constancy of our own purity, in our capacity here, below, to attain complete moral perfection. We know that Byzantinism (as Christianity in general) rejects all hope of the universal well-being of nations; it is the strongest antithesis of the idea of well-being of nations; it is the strongest antithesis of the idea of humanity in the sense of universal worldly equality, universal worldly freedom, universal worldly perfectibility, and universal contentment.
—Konstantin Leontiev