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Realizing the Joke Was on Us

Last night's film was Howl's Moving Castle. The eye candy was neither XX nor XY, but rather tapioca. Sleep was not had until bedtime, wherein sleep was a solid eight hours.

That is all.

ETA: Sorry. Not all. There is nothing stranger than Rick James.

THAT is all.


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Aug. 17th, 2012 08:32 am (UTC)
Not among my favorite Miyazaki films, no--better in moments than in its whole.
Aug. 17th, 2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
I found it oscillating wildly between enchanting and saturday-morning-cartoonish. A lot of fine ideas and images, though.

So where would you send a complete Miyazaki novice if you had a mind to?
Aug. 17th, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
You mean in terms of information about him, or do you mean, what would I recommend?

Probably the Wikipedia page on him is pretty good, and this page is good on Studio Ghibli, which is what most (but not all: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds is a good exception) of Miyazaki's stuff has come out.

As for recommendations, my favorites are Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke (though neither is without flaws; the latter, in particular, grew on me over time to become a real favorite; it wasn't so on a first viewing), but I am also very partial to My Neighbor Totoro, which is a quiet children's film that is so right about children's behavior (and which deals with a very scary topic--a parent's serious illness--unsentimentally) and *wonderful* for portraying a supportive, warm sibling relationship. And, I also really enjoy Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky, though both are much better in Japanese than in English.

Spirited Away has fabulous imagery and a solid story; I like it too, but it's not among my favorites. It's good though, very good.

All of them have *some* thing. Miyazaki is a Great Soul in the Mahatma sense. His deep love for people in all their variety really shows in all the films.
Aug. 18th, 2012 08:33 am (UTC)
Thanks, yes, both. Castle brought my number of anime films watched to three, and I know NOTHING about the genre. At all.

So, #4 will be Nausicaa.
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