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It occurs to me (after a friend pointed it out tangentially) that my entry on World Fantasy comes across as if I didn't enjoy it. Good gods, no! It was likely my favourite con so far. Sorry for leaving that impression. It was a great con, and deeply educational.

I just wish I had not had Cara Sposa on my mind at the time. And there was a major robbery in one of my major client's offices. And some other issues I don't want to discuss for fear of seeming even more brazenly petty than I really am, which is pretty brazen as it is.

No, an excellent time. I missed a few events that I really wish I hadn't. And attended some, not thinking I'd get anything out of them, that I'm really glad I did. Such as five terrible old men and their obsessions with book collecting.

But that thing about High School. I also realized that there isn't a lot of difference between the NGO world and the genre fiction world. And that cultural distance remains.

Which is cool, because I now feel more free to write what I feel like writing, and pick and choose what I want to aim for.

In other words—after two years of sound and fury... no actual concrete changes in anything but outlook. A bit like that last election y'all had down south.