barry_king (barry_king) wrote,

Your Scarf it was Apricot

So, we saw Skyfall last night. Enjoyed it, as expected, even Cara Sposa's mother. CS's mother's take: "Good acting, but it was a bit noisy". Dame Judi being the highlight, of course, also as expected. Strangely, Bond has changed it's one plot from "Blow everything up in the nick of time and boink run off with the girl" to "Terminator/Alien".

But the computer stuff? I guess I know how cellular biologists must have felt back in the 80s, when SF was all about cloning. The only believable part was how Q introduced malware to the centre of MI6 by arrogantly hooking up Silva's device to the LAN. They got that right: a lot of Human Intelligence is about Human Stupidity, after all.
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