barry_king (barry_king) wrote,

Here the Past Dies in the Womb/With One Son Dark/And One Son Rough

Stoically seething about the current cull in Gaza, cynically timed as it is between the U.S. Election and the Holiday Season.

It's not about Jews vs. Arabs.
It's not about Judaism vs. Islam.
It's not about Israel vs. the Arab states.
It's not about God's people vs. the world.
It's not about America's Allies against America's Enemies.
It's not even about Tribalism vs. Modern States, or some other academic construct.

It's not a race issue.
It's not a religion issue.
It's not a security issue.

All these aspects and arguments are noise, distractions, and perpetuators of the problem.

It's an economic issue. It's about control of resources and the use of those resources to limit other people's freedom and prosperity.

It IS about colonialism, and there's a solution to colonial issues like this.
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