barry_king (barry_king) wrote,

You'd Think They'd Prefer Petroleum

Well, made it to the end of November with a total wordcount of 7571. But I did finish a short story, which was my main goal. I was aiming for Baroque but ended up Rococo, so you likely know where I was planning on sending it. It uses the same 80K vocabulary voice as the one about the Sinister Jamaican Groupmind-Forming Biochemistry Professor, and it's written in my favourite style (i.e. in shameful hero-worship of Gene Wolfe). But it started with looking at a stack of old brassbound tiffin boxes Cara Sposa's dad brought back from Pakistan, and a song by Tanita Tikaram.

Thanks, asakiyume for taking a look at it (Already!) and providing very valuable feedback and to my old buds who will be looking at it in anticiworkshop: acwise, arwensouth, cerealboxreader, hurban1, slcard, teriegarrison, tryslora, and new member kjmiller, who has not yet been burdened with wading through my muck.

You guys are the best.
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