barry_king (barry_king) wrote,

If This is All We Have to Fight For, Rage My Darling, Rage!

Managed yet another bit of fiction today. 2600 words. And got my submissions (sadly neglected for two months) from 4 to 20. Including today's piece, which finds its source, sadly, in:

1. A tattoo of gears. You've seen it, too, no doubt. It's gorgeous.
2. Kryten (Red Dwarf) becoming aroused looking at an appliance catalog ( -- advance to minute 3).
3. Zippy the pinhead thinking of schematic diagrams of toasters while eating ice cream and looking at women on the beach. (From the years before syndication, so no convenient link).

My left brain is totally shot, but I know where my right brain gets it stuff. Unfortunately.
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