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Dear Internets:

There was this fete for an industry that is designed to funnel as much money into one place as possible, to limit the creative output of generations of artists to a few dozen works a year, an industry that is reknown for its soul-crushing brutality, its love of violence, its dysfunctional idea of human sexuality, that reduces the complexity of life to a handful of bland emotional uphevals, an industry that routinely pairs twentysomething women with sixtysomething men and calls it romance, an industry that passes over 100 equally good actors to pay millions to geriatric brand-name thespians, an industry that daily enforces the message that your body is ugly and you'll never be a real worman because you don't have what it takes to be beautiful and then takes that ideal of beautiful and makes it totally impossible without three hours of professional makeup work and a photoshop expert to lengthen the legs, widen the eyes, dilate the pupils, clean up all the blemishes and recreate the body entirely along the lines of a psychological profile of the male libido, an industry that exports its mindless message to the world, upturning whole cultural standards and bringing this self-hate to cultures that have never experienced it before, an industry that has actually successfully exported anorexia and bulemia to cultures that have no experience of them, an industry that extols the virtues of the stupid and derides any kind of cultural independence and exchange.

And you want me to be upset because some asshole said something off-colour about women?

Spare me your fucking outrage.

Better yet: STOP WATCHING HOLLYWOOD FILMS. They're bad. Start funding independent films and if you MUST watch a Hollywood film—STEAL IT. Here: go look it up. It's called Bittorrent. Bleed them dry. They are not worthy of keeping the money they make. Go take that money and buy a work of art, buy a book, pay a busker to sing a song, donate it to a gallery. Do ANYTHING with it other than give it to Hollywood. Go. Now.


Mr. Cranky-Pants