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CZP ebook stuff came up, so I didn't get much writing done. But I did read through most of Lukka to re-familiarize myself with the story. I think I see where I went wrong. I thought it was a minor point of which character was in what place at what time. But now I realize I lost the forest for the trees. It's definitely a four-novel arc with only the second book finished, and the action right now turns on what will happen two books down the road. Which means my sense of the story is like one of those days where the snow hits the horizon and continues to plaster the sky until one sphere of white punctuated by naked trees comprises the whole of the universe. I need to flesh out that arc more, build a scaffolding against that sky so I can see the shape of the building behind it.

In other words, rewrite the last five chapters so that they point in the right direction after working out where that direction is.

Meanwhile, not sleeping well. Several aches and pains from new machines at the gym, combined with the nagging abdominal pain that I've had since college reportedly due to some combination of spastic colon and ventral hernia. Hence the snow-scape planet I'm living in mentally. I'm told by someone who I don't always trust the opinion of, but who is smart enough to make a good case that magnesium supplements work for insomnia. I might try that. I'm kind of interested in cutting out sugar for a month as well. See if that helps with the general energy and early-morning malaise.

So, back to for-pay work today, archery club paperwork, and then archery practice tonight. Except for another post.