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Sing this Corrosion to Me

Yet another normal post in one year. Who knew?

First grackle of the year yesterday, turning over leaves under the junipers out front. So in celebration of spring, and reminded by a post on leahbobet's LJ, I am waking up Cara Sposa to the gentle strains of the Sisters of Mercy:

Actually, I've never seen ANY of their videos, so maybe that's where we'll be this morning.

Cara Sposa was very amused to learn that the author who wrote the Drowning Girl novel I gave her for Christmas has a collection called "Two Worlds and in Between". I guess it's a shared rite of passage of sorts....

Or not. Whilst putting up the posters I made for the Kingston Archery Club (actually, there's a good example of what Drupal DOES do well. That site took me a total of six hours to build, and has a complex membership management interface under the hood), I did my private shibboleth of whether the video store I was in was a REAL video store. I asked for, and obtained, a copy of The Ruling Class. So perhaps we will watch that. I've been meaning to get hold of another copy to see if they've corrected the horrible sound quality of the original production. We'll see.

Because yesterday we cleaned house to have company over. A friend from France came by yesterday bearing batters for crêpes, and I made them for the first time in my life. For the buckwheat-savory crêpes, I made a filling of grilled chicken breast and mushrooms in a mustard-sour-cream-capers sauce (lovely), and for the white-flour-sweet crêpes, I made a filling from spiced pears that I had canned years ago (bosc pears, honey, cloves, and cinnamon), minced citron pickle (citron melon, sugar, vinegar, salt, cinnamon, cloves), simple syrup of honey and water, and (I had wanted to use cheêvre, but our guest has issues with it) more sour cream with orange zest. Succès fou!

And this after moving chizine and chizine publications over to a brand-new wicked-fast cloud server (if you have a moment, let me know if there are any functionality issues) on my new favourite ISP, iWeb. I heartily endorse this ISP, by the way. Very lean, very efficient, and they configure their servers for what everyone wants (or should want if the wind blows from the south): the LAMP stack.

So, feeling very comfy and contented on this St. Patty's day. Benedictions to all, and an exodus of snakes for everyone. Now on to crit about 11K words from ac_ellas.