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To self, in want of clue:

  • When loading up the personal stereo for a high-energy cardio workout, do not add "St. James Infirmary" to the playlist.

  • Also earbud headphones out of ears BEFORE starting a conversation.

  • If you are asked to make a peanut-butter-and-banana open-faced sandwich, TOAST THE BREAD.

  • You are wearing black. There is a reason the tables next to the window are empty.

  • Shouting "Tea Party's Over!" at the radio bulletin is insensitive and gauche.

  • When carefully tightening security at the server and disallowing remote access, don't forget to make an exception for the connection you are using to do this thing.

  • When told "hurry up and get out of the way" at the theater by your seatmate, look behind YOU, not behind HER at the empty aisle. But if you do, don't say "but there's nobody there" to the consternation of the people trying to read the credits.

  • Not everything is better with gochujiang.