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His Face Red Like a Rose on a Thorn Bush

It's cloudy and warm today. The roses have opened. I'll be out there later if this rain lets up to take advantage of the light and the drips.

But for now, some writery-updaty things for updating on writing.

  1. Solid short story writing advice in 22 episodes and counting from Doug Smith. If you don't know Doug, you should. He knows the short story craft in and out, and he's giving his advice out for free on Amazing Stories. Go thither.

  2. Am reading a friend's novel and being reminded once again why I don't read high fantasy by choice anymore. Heroic, sometimes. Epic, yes. High... No. If all your action happens in either a throne room, a commander's tent, a temple, or a battle field... Ugh. But I won't say who, because for high fantasy, it's rather good, and there's some original ideas in there I think are definitely worth the effort. But the genre itself is... the vainglorious grand doings of people of privilege. 90210 with sorcery.

  3. Am taking a litreactor course under the tutelage of Jeffery Ford, John Langan, Kaaron Warren (EDIT: who is here on LJ, oddly enough, as kaaronwarren—who knew?), and our own handful_ofdust. Am using it as an attempt to learn how to write to order. My first lesson learned is that you can't force it. Sleep on it some and let it gel. When it comes, it comes. But having deadlines helps if you think ahead. New story is a take on 1984, aimed at a particular anthology with a theme. As usual, I started thinking I should do one based on the upcoming "cryptography" issue of JUE, but it looks like it's veering off towards someone else's anthology again. Damn. Personally, I blame Sting for ending his show on "Fragile".

  4. Still behind on the CZP website. I'm going to have to confer sometime soon with those that make decisions about things.

  5. Am also reading Abercrombie. Why didn't anyone tell me about this guy? Now I'm going to be stuck reading another series of stun-an-ox-thick books. Woe to Hice.

  6. There may be a park in Frank Herbert's Name in Seattle soon, if reason triumphs.


Jun. 23rd, 2013 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, definitely a work of genius worldbuilding: I thought his reframing of the crusades into his invented world was particularly well-done, and I love the fusion of magic and sci-fi you get with the consul crashing to earth. His magic system is superbly balanced, but what I really liked was his reframing of the elves. Anyone who lives that long and sad can and must be a total neurotic mess, and, well, sociopathic more than sympathetic.
Jun. 23rd, 2013 06:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, reframed elves, brilliant. Shame you haven't read the second series because the last 75 pages of first book is a mind-blowing reframing of Tolkien that just... has... to... be... experienced. After that, you start noticing Tolkien everywhere, only -- don't shoot me for blasphemy -- better.