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To Pay Our Share

Just had an early-morning run-in with the raccoons. They're identical in size, about the size of the largest of housecats, very fluffy, and very healthy.

Which is why I was compelled to chase after them, making "you're not welcome here" grunts. In the manner of all raccoons, they retreated to a safe distance and then tried to work out if I was actually a threat, or a source of food. It is not the first time I have impotently stood by while being mocked from a distance, but not by anyone so young.

I'd have had pictures, but the sun hasn't risen yet, and by twilight, the exposure would have been over a second, so no go there.

They are damned cute, which is the greater part of the problem.

Update: Ten minutes after posting, a short, heavy shower came through. Two very wet raccoons were seen scooting past the casement window, shaking the water from their fur. I think they're here to stay, which means the shed will need to be kept on lockdown all into the winter. Damn. I was hoping to work in there during the worst of the mosquito season, but it'll be too hot without the garage door open.