barry_king (barry_king) wrote,

The Knotted Cords Untying...

Three days away from all that bauds or beeps:

1. "You do realize that we are a rolling advertisement for the versatility of the Fiat 500, don't you"

2. Came in late, with the sun at our backs, down Mitchell Creek.

3. While Cara Sposa did her trick of swallowing very large books whole (in this case sartorias' Banner of the Damned), I had a little paddle around by myself, investigating around the campsite, places I'd not been before.

4. And that evening, a very striking sunset with crescent moon.

That night was a tremendous thunderstorm for hours. When we came out the next morning, there were two inches of water in our coffee-cups.

5. No pictures of the final day, which was misty. We were alone that night in the campsite. In the wee hours, we heard a raccoon startle and capture what we think was a grouse. Sad, high, piping calls as it was dragged away to be eaten.

And now I'm sore all over. The paddle back was against the wind in high waves, so it was an hour and a half of hard slog.

Now back to civilization and work. Think I'll launch a website today.
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