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So... one thing I'm doing in decompression mode is going through my vast inbox (OK, I'm one of those obsessive inbox-emptyers. There's rarely more than 30 things in there normally. I'm back down to 30 and feel much better, now, but for much of Aug/Sep, there was well over 200 untended-to things in there).

A colleague from the other world I inhabit sent me a video. Now... madshutterbug will probably appreciate this. One of my favourite Warren Zevon songs (and probably the one that sold him on me... oh, I am such a IO nerd), was "The Envoy", which until just about three minutes ago, I had always believed, but never confirmed, was about Phil Habib. If you remember that far back, you know of whom I speak.

Anyway, here's the confirmation:

"Haven't heard from the man," indeed.

I never thought it could be topped. Well, maybe it has or it hasn't... but this is at least a close second:

Enjoy. Despite the off-colour metrosexuality refs.