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The City Walls are All Pulled Down

I'm glad to say that my story "Arrow" will be reprinted in Dean Francis Alfar's Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology in support of the Philippine Red Cross. (Yolanda is the Pinoy name for Hainan—they were the same storm) The Philippines is a big country, and I never went further south than a week in Cebu, so I don't really have a personal connection with the Visayas or Tacloban. But the three years I had in the Philippines changed me very fundamentally, and my outlook on life. It was where I learned that doubt is at the heart of faith, something that doesn't seem to have sunk in for many of my countrymen, and I think it's the reason I still feel a stranger here, and never more so than in my family's home state of Georgia.

I wonder if any of my old school chums will ever read it. A lot of them are in it, in borrowed pieces. I'm not naming names, but if they do, I hope they see where the pieces fit into the puzzle that I'm still trying to piece together. I tried to do that story "right", and be honest with myself and everyone I came to know and the history that walked in ghosts ("little men") around us. But even if it was a failure, I hope it does some good.


Dec. 11th, 2013 08:38 am (UTC)
It's all in the head, my lady. ;)