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I would have said something about this earlier, but there's a huge fire going on nearby. I don't think we'll be evacuated, but Cara Sposa is listening to the scanner, and they say that the Howard Johnson's across the street from the fire is on fire itself, and there's a truck full of propane tanks in the parking lot.

Otherwise, things seem back under control after forty-foot pillars of flame were much in evidence.

So far....

Originally posted by rgrump at Announcing Unlikely Story #8: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography

Originally published at Unlikely Story. You can comment here or there.

We’re delighted to announce the ToC (in no particular order) for our next issue, Unlikely Story #8: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography.

  • Two Things About Thrand Zandy’s TechnoTheque by Gregory Norman Bossert

  • Ink by Mari Ness

  • How My Best Friend Rania Crashed a Party and Saved the World by Ada Hoffmann

  • Chilaquilies Con Code by Mary Alexandra Agner

  • Something in Our Minds Will Always Stay by Barry King

Thank you to everyone who submitted work to this issue. We received a lot of truly excellent stories, and we look forward to sharing these cryptographic delights with you. The issue will be available in late January or early February. Stay tuned!


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Dec. 17th, 2013 09:30 pm (UTC)
Um, that fire.

Well, so long as there aren't any pillars of salt in evidence, you're okay (?)

Stay safe (I'm sure you're going to do your best on that front).

Congrats on the TOC! What an interesting theme! And great TOC mates, too!
Dec. 17th, 2013 09:30 pm (UTC)
Again, congrats on the story! How exciting!

And keep an eye on that fire. All it takes is a shift of the wind... (says the woman whose state tries to burn itself down every summer).
Dec. 20th, 2013 12:41 am (UTC)
Eek! I hope you and yours are all safe and sound.

And thanks again for being part of our upcoming issue. :)
Dec. 20th, 2013 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm just glad to have finished a story intended for JUE that didn't metamorphose into something totally inappropriate for JUE!
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