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Thinking about reviews, it occurs to me that I never posted here about my first pro-magazine review. Here up at Locus, by Lois Tilton, with a "Recommended" next to it. I've recently been told this is kind of a coming-of-age ritual for our tribe, like being published in ASIM is for our Australian cousins, or Tesseracts is for us Canadians.

(Something I'm still trying to do, with three strikes so far. Just got the reject from Tesseracts last week. Maybe I shouldn't have sent them the immortal-gay-viking-autoerotic-asphyxiation-story-that-I-wrote-because-David-Carradine-made-me-wonder-what-this-famous-wankers-dying-in-motels-is-all-about story).


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Mar. 13th, 2014 12:02 pm (UTC)
I’d read that. Partly because I once stumbled a photo that I can’t search for right now because I’m at work, of a hanging victim in, IIRC, 1920s Germany, who – well, given the location (grove of trees) and the position (low enough to the ground that he could potentially have got out of the noose if he’d wanted to), I immediately wondered if it had been suicide, auto-asphyx gone wrong, or if the poor fellow had been *really( into Norse mythology.
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