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She's Tired of Smiling Madly

Terrible, terrible complex dreams over the past five days. I'm struggling with Pythia, and yesterday got derailed by a ten-year discrepancy in the timeline of the protagonist. So I gave up and Cara Sposa and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I stuck to shellfish and she to carpaccio and perch. Very nicely done. And then, the benedictine. Well, she had benedictine.

I had chartreuse for the first time in ten years. The last time I had chartreuse was at a happinin' P St. Rainbow-Colored Danceclub/Bar of some dubious repute. The bartender was so pleased that I ordered Chartreuse that he leapt up onto the bar, muscular thighs and cut-sleeve shirt flashing in the strobe lights. He launched himself onto the dance-floor, barely missing some couples and ran to the back room to retrieve the tiny 500ml bottle that was the entire supply. He proudly poured it out (into a liquor glass of the perfect shape, natch) and gave it to me gratis, happy that someone finally asked for it. That night, I dreamed of flying with the crows over the tangled city of potato-roots.

Chartreuse has the effect of making my dreams more tangible, realistic, and clear. Unfortunately, last night, they were too realistic. I had very mundane dreams. Looking around the house, trying to find a pen. Guiding slave2tehtink as she tried to back her red Pinto off of a busy highway and into a parking spot between a giant SUV and the curb. Brushing my teeth. No, really. I dreamed about brushing my teeth.

So that leaves me still stuck in Pythia. This story is so totally different from Arrow. The period of history where it takes place (506-490 B.C.) is better documented than the Bush II White House. I can't write a line without spending at least fifteen minutes in Britannica, Gonick, or Herodotus, fact-checking every nuance. And even then, I know I'm going to get it all wrong. It all seemed simple when I was laying out the skeleton of the story. Now, well, I'm clawing my way through it. But that 10-year discrepancy changes the motivations of one of the characters TOTALLY. Maybe it's for the best, but I've got my work cut out for me.

Oh, yes. This story also has a soundtrack.