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Once more with feeling before settling back into curmudgeonland: Science doesn't "know" anything except what it doesn't know. That's the point.

When you say X is true and Y is false because X is scientifically proven, you're not doing science. You're doing the same thing as Y.

When you say X makes more sense and Y is makes less sense because everything we know makes X a simpler, more supportable argument, you're ALMOST doing science.

When you say if Z is a fact, and it logically contradicts Y, but doesn't contradict X, so I'm going with X until proven otherwise, you're NEARLY there.

When you say X explains a lot more than Y, including this Z that we've not been able to show is not a fact, you're finally doing science.

Science doesn't "care" what's true, what's real, or what's a fact. It's a hunt for more failures in an ongoing explanation that nobody can entirely fit in their head.

But we all have to build pictures of the world in out head if we're going to interact with it, and Science provides some damn fine pictures. But so do things other than Science, like religions. The problem is not which ones are "True". They're all "True" for the people that use these pictures to explain their worlds. Truth is a personal assertion, nothing more or less.

The PROBLEM is violence, which always fails to find the truth, whether it's a waterboard, a saber across the neck, a cruise missile, an online shitstorm, or simply shouting at a child until they say they agree with you.

Thus ends the sermon. Hopefully with coffee.