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Lastly Through a Hogshead of Real Fire

slipped on stair, caught myself
with right hand. All healing on
carpel-tunnel now void.

back to typing one-handed. i
tell cara sposa this, she snickers at
me. reading one handed, too, she
asks, wry grin on face. i groan.
she laughs.

i wonder if don marquis
began the archy and mehitabel
stories by first slamming his
right hand in a door or some
other incapacity-rendering device.

it has certainly been a learning
experience doing everything with
the left hand. in a previous incar-
nation i think i would have found
it more frustrating, but now i'm
thinking, gee, so this is how it's
like to be one-handed. well, not
really, since i have the use of my
elbow and forearm. more like one
of those sierra leoneans who got
on the wrong side of the ruf.

anyway, this has got the super-
stitious part of me wondering that
maybe pythia doesn't want to
be written. on the other hand...
haha get it... i just finished reading
do androids dream of electric
sheep, which is surprising i've
never read before, it being one
of horselover fat's most famous
stories. the differences between it
and bladerunner are staggering,
but it would have made as bad a
movie as bladerunner would have
made a book.

dadoes is such such an author-
intrusive story, especially the idea
of kibble as the remainders of the
universe after entropy. pythia is
such a temporally disconnected story,
it may just be becoming kibble, and
how appropriate for the stink of
rotting dragons, i ask you. and as
the theme of dadoes as opposed to
br is one of belief surviving expos-
ure as a fraud--how topical, no?--i
see a couple of scenes i left out
will need to be added.

br strikes me now as one half of
a story; the other half, mercer and
the pilgrim's progress, is horselover
fat's testament and quite canny
insight that the anti-communist
purges of the fifties had as their
shadow-side, their mass-psychosis
in the loss of faith that modern life
and the bomb brought to pkd's world.

if these halves were like aristophanes'
split beings, my guess is they would
still be seeking each other.

but pythia has found the other and
the other is she.