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MarshallPayne has awarded me G:

  1. Greensleves: How is it a man who can compose these lyrics is known only for getting drunk, lopping off his wives' heads, and pope-baiting? What a guy....
  2. Guajira Guantanamera: Things learned this year: Guajira is a corruption of "War Hero", ascribed to anti-colonialists aided by Americans to overthrow the Spanish in Cuba. It now means "cracker" or "country bumpkin".
  3. Girl from the North Country: Ah, still reminds me of Cara Sposa.
  4. Games Without Frontiers: Still the song I think of when somebody mentions Peter Gabriel. And so true.
  5. Gently Johnny: From The Wicker Man. Probably the most interesting whodunit movie I've ever seen. AVOID the modern remake. Only the 1973 version (with Christopher Lee in his prime!) is worth watching, despite the embarrassingly bad nude-dance scene with Britt Ekland.


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Jun. 17th, 2010 01:00 pm (UTC)
Coolness! :D
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