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Sucked in the Engine of Holy Ignorance

Peeked into LJ today. Mr. Swift had just come by and divided everyone into people who were privileged and didn't know it, and people who were privileged and didn't wanna know it. One side was claimin' the other is privileged, and the other was claimin' that it ain't a privilege.

But it was all just a trick, like a trick picture. Everyone looked 'zactly the same if you stand far enough back and close one eye or the other.


You know, if you look at it in just the right light, it looks like a bunch of overprivileged brats using up the world's shit and their good educations complaining about each other's ways of sayin' stuff instead of going out and fixing the shit they're complaining about. That Mr. Swift is a talented guy.

I'm gonna go make dogfood. Y'all learn to play nice or Mr. Swift's gonna flip the mirror over and leave y'all thinkin' you don't got the privileges you got and make you think you've got privileges you don't.

Oh, yeah. I forgot...