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Soup of the Day 20101004-20101011

Soup of the day has now spread to soup of the week. Very much harvest soups using up whatever is available from the CSA boxen. Which have been full, but very, very, very green in their contents this year*.

These seem to be mostly carrots, cabbages, kale, kohlrabi, (few) potatoes, leeks, celery with celeriac roots still attached (thin, spindly celery only good for souppage, but OH, so good for souppage), garlic, a scattering of turnips, and some black radish from our own plot to pair with the mealy turnips, and green beans. Generally, the herbal ingredient is winter savoury and thyme.

I have found need to supplement with dried pulses, cloves, and, salt. But I did get hold of four of HJ's last culled birds of the year, the small, not-at-all-meaty but...

*chorus please*

OH, so good for souppage...

thank you, sirs

chickens with the long legs covered with meat the consistency of shock-absorbing tennis-shoe inserts. So, the preparation of stock has involved the small 7lb. pressure cooker from Lavazza, maker of all things small, italian, steamy, and steel-lined. After a brief roast and inclusion with the Trifecta of Mirepois (with some parsely and garlic thrown in to show willing), produces some of the nicest stock I've ever had the joy of producing.

Does anyone clear stock anymore? The old Julia way with egg whites? From back when cooking with yolks was a sign of good taste, not clanging arteries. I wonder.

*To whit, next week's soups will return to the asian-green-and-banana-pepper base again. Yet I will also do a round, for canning, of something involving butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, ginger, and almonds. I have taken stock from the situation (above), and see the future and it has orange creamy bits.