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From an AP story about the bungled Yemen-UPS bombs:

One of those packages contained a copy of British author George Eliot's 1860 novel "The Mill on the Floss." Authorities were investigating whether it was a subtle calling card from Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S.-born Yemeni cleric who has inspired a string of attempted attacks against the West.

Suddenly, I want to change my NaNo novel. Something steampunkish. Something like "Cross Dressing Victorian Authors and the Militants Who Loved Them." The Ijtihad begins 100 years early as a result of British colonial policy in Iraq and Egypt. With 1000 camels! A Romantick Rompe concerning the Hidden Caliph of Warwickshire, secret love child of Princess Amelia, who did not in fact pass away, but was smuggled out of Britain by General Fitzroy and hidden among his trusted aides among the Beddou until being kidnapped by berber tribesmen who conferred noble status upon her and married her to Muhammad Ahmad, self-proclaimed Mahdi of Sudan.

Now, for a title in the current vein.... How about "The Martyrs of Middlemarch?" or "Felix Holt, the Radical Jihadist" or "A Bede on Adam: Hetty the Suicide Bomber?"

OK, back to the slog. Serious time, now. Serious, serious, serious.

Only 600 words so far today. Damn. I wonder why?