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So we finally saw Inception on the small screen.

Quite a good movie, but the broken elements for me is the crowbar-in-the-box issue of the machines somehow having power and existence inside the dreams, and the fact that each of the three scenarios play out like a video game or an adventure flick. I keep finding myself muttering Yes, we know you can do James Bond sequences, we've been watching them for decades, and they were boring when Sean Connery still had a head of hair...

So I find myself siding with Moll. A life of secret wars and megalithic corporations? Really? Which one is the fantasy and which is the reality? And how do you make that machine work the same in each dream?

Which leads me to believe the movie is a recasting of Brazil. The top does not spin down. And Ariadne IS Moll.

Though I was intrigued by the idea of Commandment X: DO-NOT-CONSTRUCT-DREAMSCAPES-FROM-REAL-LIFE. What do you make them from, then?

Real-life dreamscapes interest me a great deal. Not like they can be constructed. Or at least I can't construct them. But over the years, this elaborate city keeps getting built in my head, and I realize it's just the accretion of scenes and familiar places from real life, all attaching themselves at the architectural and emotional joints where one could transition into the other. I could draw you a map, but there is no possibility of getting real life confused with the dream.

I suspect our personal dream-city informs the real city, that there is actually a base-blueprint of the real city burned into the human psyche. Which is why Paris, despite its modern-day imposed radial shape, has the Champs Élysées, and why when a city has two or more major thoroughfares, each thoroughfare has its own character and be-ing. For me, the city, both real and dreamed, is a road lined with buildings, and side roads are either anticipations or farewells to the city itself. The city is movement and transition, so all my other dreams are dreams of travel, of meeting people, of trying to accomplish various goals which shift, grow, and lead to other goals. Life, in short.

Do you dream of cities? Do you return to the same city in dreams, or do you return to many? Or do you, like me, have a mongrel city that's always breaking out in neighbourhoods, but never entirely shaking the central plan?


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Nov. 10th, 2010 03:31 pm (UTC)
The City In My Dreams identifies itself as London, though I'm quite sure it's nothing like the real London, or even anywhere in England (nor the one in Ontario, either, as I *have* been there). There's a train station -- not a real train station, more of a light-rail station -- where I end up more often than not, and an kindly older English couple who sometime invite me to tea or even to stay the night. Once there was a trip to a spectacular manor house on a hill, where I was almost-but-not-quite certain that there was something sinister going on under the surface. Oh, and sometimes instead of spending the night with the older English couple, I stay at the hotel in the train station. Yes, there's a hotel in the light-rail-type train station. Also a bit of a shopping mall.

And I always remember feeling very proud of myself because I've got the train schedules all figured out.

I visit the City fairly frequently. I wonder why?
Nov. 11th, 2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
That's really cool; I love those dreams that return, stretch over several days, or keep having the same mysterious characters show up in them. I don't get them much anymore. Mostly old friends, old conflicts, and old places.

But London, I have been, and it's a perfect example of the many-souled-city. A collection of neighbourhoods, really, and each of them somewhat unique. If you do get a chance, Id suggest you try to walk a lot. The movement from one neighbourhood to another is an interesting feeling, and the city is on a walking scale. A long, hard, trudging, walking scale (I remember having to put my feet up for three days afterwards), but a walking scale.

Plus, BRITISH MUSEUM! I could spend a month just there.
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