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Life making demands, head not living up to them.

So not much progress. But I did polish up Chapter 8 and make outlines for chapter 9.

Yannow how, when you try to look ahead... rehearse in your head, for example, how you're going to deal with something. Anything. What you have to do tomorrow, for example, or how you're going to broach a difficult subject with someone you don't really want to talk to, you tend to play it out in your head. Think about how it could go and cover the eventualities.

It almost feels like life has a do-over when you do that. And when you're writing fiction, life does have a do-over. It's called revision.

But for me, who revises in my head before writing it down, I am finding NaNo's one and only singular gift is to take away the do-over. It makes the fiction become like life and things don't exactly mesh. The scene doesn't end with the right spin to fit the plot exactly, and it's that very tension between what was planned and what actually results where art happens.

You just gotta go with the flow. So what I'm trying to learn in this early stage of my attempt at making stories-people-care-enough-about-to-buy-and-remembertm, is that sense of letting go. Of accepting that the potter's hand shakes and letting the novel become its own self by making its own mistakes.

I guess this is something parents learn.