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You Lying, Tragic Waste of Space

Well, there's obviously a new huge security hole in hotmail AGAIN. Doubtless has something to do with insisting that the services all run on Windows Server and use Microsoft Exchange.

I have never seen so much uncaptured spam in my life in one night. I had to spend a half hour going through it, reporting each bot individually.

The irony is that all the spam was aimed at pumping up a penny stock called MBYL. Because the world-sucking market system is equally fail when it comes to security, MBYL will probably soar in value, reaping a huge profit for the Russian hacker/crime syndicate behind this latest attack. Yay for eighteenth century philosophy dominating the twenty first!

Is their any chance of throwing all of Wall Street into the Hudson River with a Windows PC lovingly tied around each and every one of their necks? General improvement to be gained on both sides of that equation.

Please. I will state this again: Get rid of your Windows PCs. End your hotmail accounts. There is much better software out there, but none more expensive. There is no greater weight on the world economy than the total cost of supporting this bunch of nostril-clearing mouth-breathing sacks of privileged KLOC. No. Really.

ETA: OK, I've had my coffee, and I no longer want to unleash flaming rabid daaleks on certain neighbourhoods of Manhattan and Seattle, but seriously, why not:

  1. Sales tax on trades?
  2. Thirty-day escrow on cash conversions, to give the SEC time to track malfeasance?
  3. Getting commodity fraud penalties in line with similar crimes like counterfeiting
  4. Instead of fining M$ for market abuse, demand that they use BSD as their base OS, just like apple did TEN YEARS AGO
  5. Or probably equally good: let M$ off the hook for 25% of their fine if they invest ALL the remaining 75% in peer-reviewed security R&D
  6. And... and I can't blame M$ or Wall Street for this, IT'S TIME TO FIX SMTP. IT'S A BROKEN PROTOCOL.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. I will try to behave, now. For a while, at least.


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Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
I'm lovin' the attitude!
Feb. 22nd, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
I got plenny o' tude, sis! Self-rightious indignation R Us!
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