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Signal Boost: Win a free E-Book from CZP!

A quick signal boost before I disappear for the afternoon:

Seeing as some of you out there in f-list land "like 'em weird", and some of you intersect with the set that contribute reviews to the big book web sites, you might be interested in the CZP Review Contest.

It goes like this: Post an honest review for a CZP book on... let's see... Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Chapters, or GoodReads... and go to the contest page to enter your review and where to find it. You'll then be entered in a monthly draw for a free ebook from CZP's eBook inventory.

And yes, the same review posted to all seven sites counts as seven entries.

For every fifty reviews entered per month, CZP will give a randomly-chosen winner the e-book of their choice.

There are some more details, so be sure to check out the contest rules.

Full disclosure: I write code for this site, but I only do it because I think the fiction is top-shelf neat and the company has more panache and élan than you dare poke a stick at.