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Soup... No, Cocktail of the Day 20110530

I break off from a day of cleaning up the garden and re-arranging compost bins and otherwise getting the much-delayed-by-weather chores out of the way to tell you about one of the finest things one can do with gin. Oh, yes, indeed!

Needed: About a quart of green gooseberries. Which is not to say gooseberries that are unripe, but the variety of gooseberry which is green when ripe. As opposed to the red variety that is actually a shade of purple and is too sweet to go well with gin.

Clean said gooseberries, which means pinching off the flower and the stem and any of the more bristly hairs. Then freeze them whole, which is best done on a tray. One may then move them to a bag for longer-term storage, but this is an optional diversion.

When frozen solid, take your handy blender. You do have one, don't you? Put an equal amount of ice and gooseberries and a sufficiency of good-quality gin*. Add a tablespoon of honey or so for every 1/2 quart of gooseberries. Blend until the consistency of loose sherbet, or as we say in the south, "so it's like a slurpee". Adjusting the consistency with water is within the boundaries of good taste, and may even be necessary.

Enjoy. Yes, even the seeds. They are good for you, thou tulip.

*A sufficiency is always a personal thing. In the handy mental graph you will imagine right now for this purpose, there is a rising quantity of gin and a line of sweetness based on the honey. Do not allow the gin to cross this line. "Good Quality" means it must come in a glass bottle, even when jug-sized. I like Tanqueray, but that's because Bombay gives me a stunning headache. Yes, even Sapphire.


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May. 31st, 2011 01:22 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, Barry, this sounds so good!

Except for the part where it's next to impossible to find gooseberries in Colorado...one of the few fruits that we just don't see.

Wonder if I can buy them already frozen from someplace like Whole Foods?
May. 31st, 2011 10:01 pm (UTC)
They keep very well frozen. The ones I used we put away in June of last year.

What I like is the acid—strong as a lime margarita, but doesn't hurt the stomach or tarnish the teeth.
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