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Failing to make Soup of the Day 20110606

CSAs are delayed from the wet weather. By a couple of weeks. So, we've actually been living off asparagus, mostly, for the past couple of weeks. Came up with a recipe, which I will now sing:

1. Tablespoon of butter, and tablespoon of flour, melt the first, toast the second in the melt. I use a fork to move it around.
2. Add a couple of cups of milk, slowly, blending thoroughly, on medium-low heat.
3. Add salt. Keep stirring.
4. Add a cup of sour cream. Blend.
5. Add a half-cup of chopped havarti, or any other low-temperature hi-fat cheese, until it's thoroughly blended.
6. Add a half-cup of dry white wine, blending quickly to avoid curdling.
7. Add three cups of Good-King-Henry leaves, or other potherb, or spinach if you don't grow greeny-things-you-don't-know-what-to-do-with in your backyard.
8. Add a pound of chopped asparagus, in 1 inch lengths, NO fibrous parts.
9. Keep stirring. Turn the heat down to very low, or off entirely, and put on a big pot of water.
10. Cook pasta in the boiling water. Drain.
11. Pour the sauce and veg into the drained pasta, stir, keeping it on medium-low so that the sauce cooks into the pasta.
12. Add a cup of shredded parmesan, or other hard aged cheese. Blend until smooth.
13. Serve.

ETA: Garlic! There was a clove of pulverized garlic somewhere. Oh yes. Somewhere around step 5.