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I write non-traditional fat fantasies with maps and short stories set in post-colonial eras of imaginary worlds. Some of them are very like the world I grew up in. Some of them have very little genre to them, but most do. I also put words together around ideas and pretend to call them poetry. Here are some of these thingish things:

"The Conversion", See the Elephant #1, July 2015
"The Unforeseen Wisdom of Early Adoption", Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2015, July 2015
"Those Who Gave Their Island to Survive", Unlikely Story, February 2015
"The Ogre's Brown-Eyed Daughter", Lackington's 5, Winter 2015
"A Cruel Intemperate Sea", The Sea, Nerine Dorman, ed., Dark Continents Publishing
"Something in Our Minds Will Always Stay", Unlikely Story, February 2014 (Locus review)
"Virtual Private Networking", Crossed Genres, November 2013
"Rooks", Polu Texni, July 2013
"Bookbound", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #57, May 2013
"Shadakar", Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 14, October 2012
Arrow, The Future Fire 2012.24, September 2012 (Reprinted in Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, and Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology)
"Svartálfar Rising", Ideomancer 11.3, September 2012
"Promethea", Star*Line 35.3, July 2012
Pythia, The Colored Lens #3, March 2012
"Closure", The Chiaroscuro, July 2011

To pay the bills, I work for a number of non-governmental organizations, poking at their computers to make them do things. I also help out the ChiZine family with their websites and some other genre-fiction related entities like the Sunburst/Copper Cylinder Awards.

Occasionally, my spleen makes me say political things. I grew up during the cold war as a kid of a diplomat, so I have a very ingrained, possibly paranoid, cynicism about many things in the culture of my upbringing and a great sympathy for cultures swamped in its wake. So take what I say with a large pinch of salt.

For me, LJ is a big cocktail party, not a vehicle to wealth or fame or political change. Feel free to comment on anything in any way, but try not to pass out on the lawn and upset the peacocks. Their digestion is rather delicate.